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CBG's wide range of real estate projects and developments requires a variety of investors and partners. The company works with government grants; loans and credits through various federal, state and local agencies; large institutional investors; and individual investors who create investment pools.


CBG partners with large institutional investors for its larger multi-family construction and renovation projects. CBG has developed relationships with MMA Financing, LLC, a MuniMae Company; AIG Sun America Affordable Housing Partners; and Paramount Financial Group, Inc. The company works with these groups as equity partners to effectively convert 9% and 4% tax credit awards into equity. Through these partners, CBG has developed lending relationships, primarily with Fannie Mae. 


CBG has found that a pool of individual investors works well for infill urban developments, which encompass housing concepts such as mixed-use and live/work spaces. Not only does this opportunity provide a financial return for the individual investor, but it allows the individual to invest in the future of his or her neighborhood and influence the cityscape of tomorrow.